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Coastal Grizzly

Tucked away on the North Coast of British Columbia is one of the most beautiful, scenic and isolated pieces of ground that the British Columbia Coast has to offer. This area holds huge runs of 5 different varieties of salmon that arrive into the many river and creek drainages from mid August through until December.

Enter the Giant Coastal Grizzly Bear. These bears live through out this area and because of the very rich food sources of this mild coastal climate, these bears will grow from 700 to 1000 pounds in the Fall.  These Coastal Grizzly will reach maturity at 8-10 years of age and will typically square 8 to 10 feet with skull measurements averaging 23-26 inches. This area has produced numerous entries into the Boone and Crockett record book including a Giant Grizzly that scored 26 13/16 that still ranks top ten.

We hunt both Spring and Fall seasons. The Spring season is spent hunting over grass estuaries and beach shorelines. The Fall season is typically hunting from stands and blinds strategically placed over creeks and tributaries that are full of spawning salmon. Shot ranges are typically 20 to 60 yards which offers a very good opportunity for size and age judgement as well for shot placement and a quick kill.

Grizzly Bear populations in BC are excellent and hunting pressure minimal due to the lack of access in this area and a very well managed and regulated harvest set out by the BC Ministry of Environment.

We target only large mature boars in this area. This efectively enhances the grizzly bear cub survival rate as well the overall population of bears in the area.

The beauty of this untouched piece of wilderness, the opportunity to watch many of these giant bears each day and the opportunity to feast on fresh local caught seafood during breaks makes this hunt one of the most unique BC has to offer.