Hunts Offered

Hunt Schedule

Island Black Bear Apr. 1 - Jun. 15 5 days
Island Black Bear Oct. 1 - 31 5 days
Roosevelt Elk Sept. 10 - Oct 31 10 days
Mountain Lion Dec. 1 - Jun. 15 7 days
Blacktailed Deer Sept. 10 - Dec. 10 5 days
Trophy Whitetail archery Sept. 1 - Oct 31 6 days
Trophy Whitetail Nov. 1 - Dec 05 6 days
Coastal Grizzly Bear May 1-31 10 days
Coastal Grizzly Bear Oct 1-Nov 15 10 days

Please contact us for availability, prices, and info on combination hunts.



Hunting Opportunity

Canadian Guide Outfitters Ltd recognizes the need to keep our youth involved in this great sport of Hunting, Fishing and the Outdoors.

To encourage our Future Generation of Hunters, Canadian Guide Outfitters Ltd. offers full ADULT / YOUTH Hunt packages to adults with youth ages 10-18.

Please contact us for prices and species available.


Canadian Guides & Outfitters offers a variety of hunting trips,with rifle, muzzleloader and archery equipment, guided by experienced BC hunting guides. Click on a link below and see what hunting in Canada has to offer.

Vancouver Island Black Bear Hunting - Canadian Guide Outfitters offers both spring and fall black bear hunts with rifle, muzzleloader and bow hunting.

Vancouver Island Trophy Roosevelt Elk Hunting - Hunts start Sept. 10 in the heat of the rut when the bulls are the most vocal and come running to the slightest cow call.

Bow Hunting for Roosevelt Elk - Canadian Guide Outfitters runs an archery-only area and season - an area where the Elk herds have never been hunted by anything other than archery.

Vancouver Island Mountain Lion Hunting - Our cougar hunting takes place during the winter months, when there is fresh snow on the ground or cold, dry conditions.

Vancouver Island Blacktail Deer Hunting - Blacktail deer are plentiful on Vancouver Island, Canada and can be added to any of your fall hunting packages.

Whitetail Deer Hunting in North West Saskatchewan- The rifle hunt takes place during the peak of their rut activity.

Bow Hunting For Whitetail Deer North West saskatchewan - Canadian Guide Outfitters offers an archery-only season for Whitetail Deer.

BC Salmon Fishing Trips & Halibut Fishing Trips - July & August