Saskatchewan Whitetail

In international hunting circles North West Saskatchewan, Canada, has been known for our Trophy Class Whitetail Deer. This area neighbors some very rich farmland, which combined with the heavy cover of the forest provides natural game funnels and superior habitat to grow these deer to enormous Boone and Crocket and SCI record book size.                                  

Canadian Guide Outfitters has implemented a very unique Quality Deer Management  program, and supplies each guest with the any information needed to field judge our huge bodied deer. Please ask us about our "Let Him Go So He May Grow" program.

We offer two weeks of archery only hunting during the month of October while the whitetail are still consistently spending time at our baits, followed by a month of archery / firearm hunting trips that take place during the month of November to catch pre rut, prime rut, and post rut activity.


Access into this area is by 4x4 and specialized ATV. Hunting is out of quality, spacious, heated stands which are each strategically placed in well scouted out areas in near travel corridors and scrape lines with trail cams used at each stand and bait site.

Accommodations during your hunt are out of a very comfortable log built lodge with roomy sleeping quarters and all the comforts of home, including our hearty home cooked meals.

If you are searching for a World Class Northern Whitetail, this area combined with Canadian Guide Outfitters hard working team, add in their Quality Game Management plan, will all provide you with a superior hunt you will appreciate. Group transportation from Saskatoon to our lodge and return is provided if requested, picking you up Sunday morning to begin your hunt for your buck of a lifetime.

Check the hunt schedule to see what species you can combine with this hunt.

Deer Hunt Suggested Equipment List

  • One scoped rifle 270 Cal+, or archery equipment
  • Binoculars
  • Layer Clothing
  • Medium Weight Hunting Pants/ Jacket (Quiet Material)
  • Heavy Weight Hunting Pants/ Jacket (Quiet Material)
  • Outer Gear must be either white or hunter orange. (or a cover up suit)
  • Good Support Boots Vibram Type Sole
  • Good Quality Insulated Winter Boots for sitting*
  • Warm Hat or Balaclava Type Facemask (must be in Hunter Orange)
  • Warm Gloves
  • 1 Day Pack
  • Camera
  • 1 Warm-up Cushion for Sitting on Stand *
  • Hand and Foot Warmers *

* For November hunts only